5.4. Training Data

Table of Contents
fann_read_train_from_file -- Read training data from a file.
fann_save_train -- Save training data.
fann_save_train_to_fixed -- Save training data as fixed point.
fann_destroy_train -- Destroy training data.
fann_train_epoch -- Trains one epoch.
fann_test_data -- Calculates the mean square error for a set of data.
fann_train_on_data -- Train an ANN.
fann_train_on_data_callback -- Train an ANN.
fann_train_on_file -- Train an ANN.
fann_train_on_file_callback -- Train an ANN.
fann_shuffle_train_data -- Shuffle the training data.
fann_merge_train_data -- Merge two sets of training data.
fann_duplicate_train_data -- Copies a set of training data.

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