Fast Artificial Neural Network Library

OpenCL enhanced version of FANN

A while back Seth made an OpenCL enhanced version of FANN. This is still a separate download, but there are plans to include this GPU enhanced version in the main repository.


  1. L. Preston Sego III L. Preston Sego III
    March 17, 2011    

    I’m doing a research project at my school, and was wondering when you guys plan to incorporate this into the official FANN code?

    We are needing to train 10,000 – 60,000 data sets for our prototype, and having this pre-packaged with FANN would definitely make training easier =D

  2. Anthony Bachler Anthony Bachler
    April 14, 2011    

    Are there plans to also have a CUDA enhanced version available which would be plug in compatible with existing applications? It would be great to be able to simply copy the new e.g. doublefann.c into my project and start using a Tesla to speed up both training and operation.

  3. binny binny
    May 4, 2012    

    opencl runs on nvidia GPU’s

  4. November 27, 2013    

    OpenCL is compatable with CUDA cores. Think more like DirectX vs OpenGL

  5. Iasen Kostov Iasen Kostov
    April 15, 2014    

    When will this be incorporated ?

  6. Jonathan Jonathan
    July 17, 2014    

    Is this part of the standard download now?

  7. Guest Guest
    September 24, 2014    

    It seems the page is abandoned.

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