Fast Artificial Neural Network Library


Getting Started

To get a quick and easy to read introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and the FANN library, please read the article Neural Networks Made Simple which is also available in French and Polish. If you already know ANN theory, you can go directly to the Getting Started page, which provides a quickstart to using the FANN library. For information on how to install FANN in your favorite operating system, please refer to the Installing FANN guide.

Using FANN in Your Favorite Language

FANN is available for many different programming languages, see the Language Bindings page for more information.

Graphical Interfaces

For many usage scenarios, there is no need for creating your own program that uses the FANN library and you can simply use one of the graphical interfaces available at the Graphical Interfaces page.

Using the FANN Library

If you want more in depth information about using the FANN library, you read the Advanced Usage and the Fixed Point Usage guides. Also check out the Reference Manual as well as some of the example programs.

Neural Network Theory

For more information about the theory behind neural networks, please see the Neural Network Theory page or check out the university report Implementation of a Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (fann), which details the theory behind and the implementation details of the FANN library. For even more neural network theory as well as the theory behind the Cascade2 algorithm, please read my Master Thesis: Large Scale Reinforcement Learning using Q-SARSA(?) and Cascading Neural Networks.

FANN Performance

The performance of the FANN library is explained in great detail in the FANN university report Implementation of a Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (fann) and in the Master Thesis: Large Scale Reinforcement Learning using Q-SARSA(?) and Cascading Neural Networks.

Getting More Help

If you have questions or you need more help, please check out the FANN Forum.


    February 10, 2013    

    As I can see, FANN is for supervized learning. What about unsupervized ones?

  2. mohamed mohamed
    March 5, 2013    

    Hi, I am user of neural network in regression input/output
    I have downloaded Fann , but I have some difficulties to compile fann with visual studio, almost of users have this prblem with C code compiling
    is possible to obtain help from anyone,
    how to train fann with visual studio, how to use it in input/output regression
    thank you

    • Nivetha Nivetha
      July 22, 2014    

      Hey Mohammed Even I am trying to do that and I am facing the same problem.You have got any proper result?

  3. Norman Packard Norman Packard
    October 12, 2014    

    The forums link seems to be broken…

  4. Andrew Andrew
    October 27, 2014    

    Good morning :)
    I’m trying to establish FANN under Debian on a beaglebone.
    I keep encountering a gcc error 1, any guidance would be very welcome :)
    Regards Andrew

  5. GivingUp GivingUp
    March 4, 2015    

    Ten years of FANN. Has it worked more than ten days on a Mac?

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