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FANN 2.2.0 Released

FANN 2.2.0 has been released, after almost 5 years since the last release.

Since the last release there has been more than 230,000 FANN downloads, so hoping that this new release will be just as popular.

Version 2.2.0 is backwards compatible and adds the following new features:

  • Added Sarprop training
  • Added fann_create_train for creating an empty training data struct
  • Added fann_copy for copying an ANN
  • Added cascade_min_out_epochs and cascade_min_cand_epochs to improve cascade training
  • Added extra checks when training, to ensure that data and network input and output sizes matches
  • Added Visual Studio 2010 solution
  • Added support for 64bit architecture
  • Cleanup in sources
  • Moved source from CVS to GIT

For now there is only a source release (includes windows binaries), but have been playing around with CPACK, and a binary release should be coming soon.


  1. Fernando Luiz Fernando Luiz
    January 24, 2012    

    very good, i will do now my projects with the fann new version

  2. Greg Greg
    January 25, 2012    

    Great news!

  3. Greg Greg
    January 25, 2012    

    It seems language bindings aren’t included in the package?

    • January 25, 2012    

      No, in order to make the release more clean, only C/C++ is included in the release.

  4. Christian Christian
    January 29, 2012    

    Hi Steffen,
    Where can I find the language bindings for Python? They are not included in the download package and the “Python FANN” link on the language bindings page does not lead anywhere.


  5. dlewin dlewin
    February 20, 2012    

    Hi Steffen,

    First of all: great work you share

    Like other comments, I’m wondering if getting the Python binding will be possible later ?

    As I clone the git repo and didn’t found out these neither.


  6. February 26, 2012    

    Python is part of the FANN 2.1.0, but since this binding is not developed by the same developer as the main FANN library, it has not been updated for version 2.2.0.

    The Language Bindings page has been updated to reflect this.

  7. March 7, 2012    

    Having recently discovered FANN, am very much looking forward to using it in my projects from now on. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jason Jason
    April 7, 2012    

    Hi Steffen,

    Any word about CUDA? Would make a world of difference!


  9. mei mei
    June 6, 2012    

    Hi, Steffen,

    Is the scaling issue fixed in this new release ?


  10. Jhonfck Jhonfck
    September 21, 2012    

    Disculpa, donde podría encontrar documentación acerca de como puedo utilizar la aplicación ?
    Gracias por la atención prestada

  11. September 22, 2012    

    Hello I need a java example done for the library is that I need to do a project in java pattern recognition and can not find information about this language …

    Anyone can help me

  12. Daniel Daniel
    December 12, 2013    


    I haven’t found in the documentation references to the use of regularizing parameters in learning processes. Are there regularization techniques incorporated in the library?


  13. Stefano Stefano
    October 30, 2014    


    In the documentation at this address:

    some function about SOM are mentioned. In the reference manual is written that these function are avaliable from FANN >= 2.2.0.

    But trying to compile my source code and looking inside the .c files in the release the SOM function are not available.

    In which library can i find these functions?

    Thank you.


  14. Stan Sulsky Stan Sulsky
    December 2, 2015    

    Is it possible for version 2.2.0 to use ann’s created by cascade training with version 2.0.1? In trying to do so, I am seeing the following: FANN Error 4: Error reading “cascade_min_out_epochs” from configuration file ….


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