Fast Artificial Neural Network Library


Download FANN Library Version 2.2.0

The latest version of FANN is always available in the github repository and for most uses, that it the version that should be used.

This page includes the download for the FANN C/C++ library, for Graphical Interfaces go to the Graphical Interface page and for bindings to other languages go to the Language Bindings page.

C/C++ Library Source Code for all platforms including examples and windows DLL/Lib files. Support for Visual Studio 2010 as well as cross platform compilation with CMAKE. C/C++ Library Source Code for all platforms.

FANN Installation Guide
Quick install guide for the library.

For older versions of FANN go to the sourceforge Download Page.


  1. sarang sarang
    February 27, 2011    

    i am doing a project on hand gesture recognition
    using opencv for it
    i have done the detection part
    i am heading for the neural network for recognition
    how can i use FANN for it
    i am an amateur as far the implementation of the neural network is concerned…..

    • vishnoob vishnoob
      February 29, 2012    

      Hahaha PM! How are you, sir. Just ask me, I know how to use this library. I use it a lot. Its superb.

    • va va
      November 10, 2012    

      can you help me please to learn using of Fann?! my project is about recognition too.

  2. February 28, 2011    

    @sarang try asking in the fann forum

  3. Hossein Hossein
    July 25, 2011    

    is there any documentation for dotnetwrapper?

  4. Evo Evo
    May 30, 2012    

    Where do I find the latest CVS release releace?
    I found the latest documentation here:
    but the fann 2.2.0 does not match with it.

  5. mohamed mohamed
    January 18, 2013    

    I want use your Fann for input -output regression using online-incremental backpropagation (non batch mode)
    How to compile Fann,
    I have tried Visual C++ express Edition 2005, Impossible to compile any code,
    then I have tried Dev-C++ to compile one code , always the same problem
    can you please help to compile backpropagation Fann in input/output extrapolation I use 1 and 3 inputs and 1 output target
    Thank you

  6. mohamed mohamed
    January 26, 2013    

    I am user of neural network I have downloaded Fann
    however I can’t compile Fann, I tried Visual C++express edition, there is error message when I compile fann, then I triedd fann under Dev-C++, the problem is the same,
    please How compiler I must use is there assistance or help to run backpropagation with incremental-stochatsic learning
    there is confusion between several codes in Fann package, which source code I must use for input/output regression
    is anyone can help me
    thank you

  7. July 16, 2013    

    Can library Fann use in other application that support in mobile??
    example unity3D, etc..

  8. Alexander Alexander
    July 26, 2013    

    Hello. I think it will be better if you use “b” flag in the “fopen” function while opening files for writing. Current realisation causes incompability of neural networks created with Windows version of FANN library with Linux FANN libraries. (\r\n WIndows string endings instead of \n on Linux)

  9. Mohamed GHORBEL Mohamed GHORBEL
    September 24, 2013    

    Hello. Please I wants to know is it possible with FANN2MQL to build any ANN architecture ? (For exemple Elman ANN or any recurrent neural network )


  10. riana riana
    January 24, 2014    

    hi all.can ANN be used for media optimization studies.

  11. xenofon xenofon
    February 16, 2014    

    hi ! i tried to install fann from cygwin but i get error using cmake

  12. Pari Pari
    July 26, 2014    

    Hi I want to download FANN.plze give me link and tell me how to compile it

  13. April 28, 2016    

    hello i am a student and i was try to use ANN for part of speech tagging for my final thesis report and am still new to artificial neural network please if any one can help me contact me and give me a clue on it and if i can still use this FANN for part of speech tagger please welcome

  14. mulugeta atsbaha mulugeta atsbaha
    May 26, 2016    

    i am doing an Msc on part of speech tagging using neural network with multilayer perceptron and back propagation algorithm in python however i cant make it right. now am enforcing to divert my intention to use FANN for the purpose of part of speech tagging as in my intention to python. however i am new too can any one help me how to star with.
    how can i use FANN for it
    i am an amateur as far the implementation of the neural network

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