Fast Artificial Neural Network Library

Graphical Interfaces

There are several graphical (and one command-line) interfaces for FANN.


FANNTool is a highly recommended and easy to use GUI for the FANN library. FANNTool also supports a few more advanced functions for automatically setting the FANN parameters.

Agiel Neural Network

Agiel Neural Network is an easy to use interface, that is centered around the training data and provides options for visualizing the difference between the neural network output and the actual output.


NeuralView is a neural network simulator, with a multi-platform graphical interface.


FannExplorer is a portable graphical environment for developing, training and testing neural networks. It supports animation of the training process. The fannExplorer provides an easy-to-use browser based interface to the fast artificial neural network (fann) library. It requires a web browser with JavaScript, Flash version 7 or later and fannKernel.


sfann s a command-line tool that provides an easy way of learning, testing and running artificial neural networks (ANN). It uses the Fast Artificial Neural Network library (FANN) for learning and testing.


If you know other user interfaces for FANN please let me know, by sending and email to


  1. John John
    June 27, 2011    

    In the FANNTOOL v1.1 there is no executable.

    where can I find this?

    Thanks in advance

  2. December 11, 2011    

    you could compile yourself

  3. rick rick
    December 27, 2011    

    @John, in the zip file, check under the the FannTool-1.1/bin/release folder for the FannTool executable…

  4. Flavia Flavia
    March 23, 2012    

    The last version for the software is FannTool-1.1?


  5. March 28, 2012    

    But I am working over FannTool 1.2

  6. user user
    April 24, 2012    

    I have downloaded the FannTool and I only have plenty of c source files. Could you please provide a make file ?
    Or otherwise could you please let me know how to run this program?
    Thank you

  7. Daniel Daniel
    May 12, 2012    

    before all thanks for your cooperation.
    i am just working my final year project on glaucoma detection using image processing and i am trying to include neural network to this.
    but i do not know how to set the input,output parameters and also these weights,so i believe u’ll help me on this.

  8. bcnjr5 bcnjr5
    January 12, 2013    

    I keep trying to use fannExplorer but when I go to http://MB:2178/fannExplorer.html it says 404.

    February 10, 2013    

    I am trying to optimize traffic signals duration (green time)on a road intersection. My MOE may be (among others) the number of cars waiting in each lane after a red light, the total waiting time for each coming lane. Is FAN capable to help me to sort out the problem?

    Thank you

    • Mario. Mario.
      March 17, 2013    

      Yes it can help in sorting out the traffic problems, but the proper training is very important, you will have to either find, imagine or simulate many example cases.

      Also, the whole definition of the problem of the incoming cars and traffic light duration needs to be correctly defined – that is: what the desired result should be – which value are you trying to optimize? Also very important is connection with other traffic lights – the only good system is where all the traffic lights are interconnected and work together as a system! (A good example of synchronisation is that I have been able to drive through city on all green lights, that is about 20 crossings with traffic lights, without stopping.)

  10. ben ben
    December 28, 2015    

    Agiel Neural Network seems to be corrupted. Firefox warns if I’m trying to download the executable.

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