Fast Artificial Neural Network Library

Language Bindings

Name Programming Language FANN version Comments
FannCSharp C# 2.2
fannj Java 2.1
FANN Wrapper for C++ C++ 2.1 Header file as part of the standard FANN download.
node-fann node.js 2.1
fann.js Javascript 2.2
PHP FANN PHP 2.2 News, Reference Manual
Fortran FANN Fortran 2.1
Rust FANN Rust 2.1
fannerl Erlang 2.2
Python FANN Python 2.2
DerelictFANN D 2.2
Fann2Mql MetaTrader4 (MQL4) 2.1
AI-FANN Perl 2.1
ruby-fann Ruby 2.1
hrb4fann Harbour 2.2
Delphi FANN Delphi 2.1 Download here.
Tcl Artificial Neural Networks Tcl 2.1 Download here.
lfann Lua 2.2
Prolog FANN Visual Prolog 7 2.1
plfann SWI Prolog 2.1 Download here.
go-fann Go 2.1
FANN Kernel Soap / Web service 2.1 Examples available for .Net and Mathematica
Matlab FANN Matlab 2.1
R-binding libfann R 2.1
FannAda Ada 2.0
hfann Haskel 2.0
ann.* Grass 2.0
octave-fann Octave 2.0
Smalltalk FANN Squeak Smalltalk 2.0 Download for Windows and Linux.
PD ANN Pure Data Unknown

If you know of other programming languages that have bindings to the FANN library, please let me know by sending and email to


  1. Greg Greg
    March 31, 2011    

    I have seen something like that in documentation:
    “This function appears in FANN >= 2.2.0”
    Question is – where can I get FANN 2.2.0 from?


    • December 11, 2011    

      2.2.0 is available in CVS and GIT

      • Monali Monali
        December 12, 2011    

        hi sir,
        I am trying to use FANN 2.1.0 to develop a document classifier. I have developed 2 programs 1 for testing and 1 for training. After training when I try to test, my network always returns 1 as output and never gives the output close to the actual output. My n/w specifications are:
        i/p neuron : 210
        hidden : 100
        o/p neuron: 1

        pls help.
        Thank you. :-)

  2. digendong digendong
    December 28, 2011    

    great source of ann.
    a very simple question is :
    Where can I download FANN-PHP?

    i cannot find link easily :)..


  3. Will Will
    March 5, 2012    

    After one day, struggling with recompilations of the library and the language binding for c# (btw the binding is out-of-date, needs to be recompiled), i managed to run this lib on ASP.NET.
    Really cool!

  4. Nadav B Nadav B
    June 5, 2013    

    How can I train the networks through the bindings? (Java for example)

  5. Suleman Khalid Suleman Khalid
    February 2, 2015    

    What about Julia bindings? A FANN package is available on the Julia packages page. Should it be mentioned in this list?

  6. September 3, 2015    

    Useful table here with the details about the programming language, thank you for taking the time to share it!

  7. Taras Taras
    October 12, 2015    

    What about Erlang bind?

  8. Jerry Jerry
    October 18, 2015    

    Anybody knows a good ANN library in Fortran?

  9. April 28, 2016    

    Harbour binding is available now:

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